Suite Staffing Services would like to say thank you’ to everyone who participated in our first Suite Scavenger Hunt!!  We had a good time, and despite a few setbacks on the technical side of Facebook, we managed to get it all sorted out!  A thank you to the City of Fort Smith, Movie Lounge, Mark’s Snow Daze, the Phone Doctors, and everyone else who pitched in to help make this event a success!  Make sure you follow us to get information about our next hunt, and more!

If you are serious about making your event the best event possible, you don’t want to do anything with half effort, and that includes the staff working your events.  Did you know that if you rent a facility, you can ask them to use Suite Staffing to staff the event?  By doing this, you can make sure that you won’t have to worry about the efficiency of the staff working the event.  That means higher level employees for waitstaff, security, bartenders, and whatever else you may need!  So before you sign that contract with your venue, REMEMBER** Make sure that you request Suite Staffing Services, so every aspect of your event will be professionaly serviced!

Our customers vary from large event venues who need excess staff for large events, to hotels for different services, to private parties that may want to add an entirely new vibe with a skilled bartender(s) or valet parking.  Many caterers use our services for their caterings, convention centers and other event venues use our services when they have events, and hotels use our services for events and basic help as well.  We’ve got the best hospitality staff in the area, guaranteed!